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Green architect & connector

As a green architect and connector, I contribute in building modernized growing concepts, meaningful connections and important innovations. My personal passion and expertise are in the field of agriculture, but I enjoy surrounding myself by creatives and exponents from different areas of expertise. In their own way of working, they inspire me and my work. This way we can create an even more beautiful, fertile and sustainable world collectively. I take great pleasure in helping others to achieve their (green) dreams, growing concepts and an even greater world of tomorrow.

Green speaker & trainer

Green, sustainable and healthy, pave the way for the future. The greatest challenge lies in preserving and distributing the knowledge in the agricultural sector. As a speaker and trainer, I inspire. I challenge people to discover and participate in researching new knowledge and opportunities together with my surroundings. The goal is to improve the results in greenhouses and beyond. Together we can complete the circle.

Inspirer, coach & sounding board

The toughest companies, the greatest plans, the boldest ideas, the most innovative growth system… It all starts with a human connection. You can achieve so much more as a team, than you would be capable doing of on your own. Trust is the foundation in every connection. I am a people person and reflect regularly on the fields of personal, business and project growth. Together we will find the direction and route that is most suitable for you.

About 2HARVEST: 

  • Cooperation, growth, harvest
  • Practical and result minded
  • Sustainable harvest, Changing the world with using less raw material

About Peter Klapwijk

Peter is himself. Critical, honest, a creative thinker with lots experience and young at heart.

"Growing together"

Peter Klapwijk


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