I often dream of a green theatre. A place in which we can raise consciousness and point everyone in this world towards the importance of healthy nutrition. How we can produce more efficiently and clean to guarantee healthy foods. I believe we can raise awareness by recovering the connection between people, the origin and quality of their foods. This will automatically lead to an increased value and appreciation for customers in the qualitative and authentic foods they consume.

Where to go?

This is a question that I have repeatedly asked myself for years, but never lost its urgency.

Results in the past are never a guarantee for any future accomplishments. However, I can see major opportunities at this very moment. Opportunities to use the knowledge, techniques and capabilities, developments and lessons learned in horticulture and reconnect this more solidly to what is necessary to nurture Mother Earth and her citizens in a healthier and more sustainable way. To create a cleaner, more secure and pleasant environment to live in.

Incentives for companies and entrepreneurs to invest in products that are healthier, cleaner and less polluting for the environment, can be found if the consumer learns to value the higher nutritional foods. By doing this we are creating an encouraging circle together. No longer producing by using the cheapest methods, while leaving the invoice of environmental damage behind for future generations.

Stepping up the plate towards a green theatre

Alongside with you, I want to step up the plate. Working together, creating a rigid connection with our surroundings. These are our clients, our future employees, our supervisors. By inspiring, inviting and challenging the world, we can create a consciousness of all the opportunities and possibilities we have to offer when it comes to:

  • Producing energy neutral foods
  • Cleaner products
  • Efficiency in water and nutrients
  • Health
  • Training and education
  • Export techniques and concepts
  • A cleaner and healthier world

We already possess everything; it is just a matter of reconsidering and reshaping.

We have to step outside of the greenhouse and start! Taking step after step towards a green theatre.

Our green theatre stands for:

  • Inspiration
  • Incubation
  • Innovation

We can do what everybody wants, transforming from a cold, glassy and threatening monster to a green stuffed animal. By producing in a cleaner and more sustainable ways than we already do.