As a company and passionate entrepeneur 2HARVEST is part of a network. Within this network you’ll find companies and entrepeneurs that inspire me because they contribute to the world in serious means or because I think they make the world a little bit better. Companies you would like to get to know.

Please see below my Network:


Together with Sjoerd Nieboer, I build learning organizations in the agricultural sector. Both on the level of greenery and business developments we organize several types of trainings, which is something I really enjoy doing.


Movemeant coaching

Do you want to take the next step in your life and as an entrepreneur? Our daughter Marit takes you for a walk while she coaches you in making the next ‘move’.

Together with Marit I organize walks and masterclasses for horticulturists who are willing to take the next step.

Schoenmaker consultancy & mediation

My good friend and expert advisor in the field of legal affairs. Ben makes things clear in a human way.

Inholland Horticulture & Agribusiness

A breeding ground of young green talent, innovative ideas and initiatives that inspire me and bring forward a pleasant collaboration.