As a company and passionate entrepeneur 2HARVEST is part of a network. Within this network you’ll find companies and entrepeneurs that inspire me because they contribute to the world in serious means or because I think they make the world a little bit better. Companies you would like to get to know.

Please see below my Network:

Miss Morrison

Good coffee I find very important and I found it at Miss Morrison. We share the passion for our business’. Cisca for coffee and tea, for me the green process and healthy food.

logo miss morison

Puur Mart

A good product starts with good marketing. This is the bases that forms a natural symbiosis between Puur Mart and 2HARVEST.



Work and carring for yourself I’ve learned on La Palma. Jikke brings up the best out of me.

logo van Animoso

Schoenmaker consultancy & mediation

My good friend and expert advisor in the field of legal affairs. Ben makes things clear in a human way.

Inholland Horticulture & Agribusiness

Breeding place for green young talent, new ideas and initiatives by which I am very much inspired and enjoy working together.