Where & Why?

Peter Klapwijk5

Photsynthesis is the most important power source in the world. We must increasingly produce better with lesser raw materials. So much that future generations have also sufficient means. This process is my passion en keeps challanging me. I like to work together with others in making improvement in the growing process.

On national and international level 2HARVEST operates as (crop) consultant, sparring partner and coach.


  • Consulting artificial vegetable cultivations
  • Strategic advice in a large building project for technical equipement for yearround production in tomatoes and peppers.
  • Consulting the development and implementation of a new plant monitor system.

In the Netherlands:

  • Cultivation consultancy of litted and regular tomato cultivations
  • Optimizing processes in: seed production tomatoes, roses cultivation, phalaenopsis cultivation and vegetable propagation.
  • Strategic advice at companies throughout the horticultural chain: primary production, trade, breeding, techniques, services and internationalization are subjects¬†where I can give you support.