Who (is Peter)Peter Klapwijk

After 40 years of growing, developing, entrepeneurship and consultancy I’m still active as (cultivation) consultant, sparring partner and coach. I do this all with a lot of pleasure and passion.

From an early age I’m fascinated by the green growth process, were still a lot can be gained. In this process where knowledge and skills are dynamic, I see clearer and clearer that there is more unknown and to be done.

Who is Peter Klapwijk?
I’m an ‘out of the box’ thinker, strategist, experienced in practical innovation and implementation of  accessible knowledge and techniques in several crops and companies. Nowadays I’ve a wide international network and experience.

Coach & Matchmaker
With lots of pleasure I work in the role of coach and sparring partner with entrepeneurs who want to widen their horizon, push boundaries away to grow further or in a different direction.

The key in this all:  trust, attention and pleasure in what you are doing, in the end it’s all about the people.

 A piece of history
In line with the family tradition I start working at my fathers nursery in 1974. Together with my brother Anne we’ve kept expanding the company Gebr. Klapwijk.
At first we were specialized in growing radish and melons, later we’ve switched to tomatoes on the vine.

In 2000 together with Hortilux I’ve developed and succeeded in the concept ‘Growing tomatoes under artificial light’.

GreenQ & Improvement Centre
The consultancy company GreenQ was founded in 2004. Because I expected development, scaling and internationalization in the horticultural business. Together with my former partners we started the Improvement Centre in 2006. At these facilities many new developments in the area of cultivation and horticultural techniques were born, developed and demonstrated.

I was active as Development & Strategy Director at GreenQ.  I’ve transferred my shares in the company to DLV Plant in 2013.
With this action came the choice to go back to the basis. Growing, develop and innovate together.
This new basis has been given the name: 2HARVEST.