Priority to people

The best can be found in people

The world, organizations, our economy, companies; everything is made up of people.

As the years pass, I started to see more clearly, how human connection is the foundation of everything. Focusing on ‘people’ as a valued factor, often results in things running more smoothly, organically evolving and improving. Businesses driven by passionate, authentic humans become more fun and successful and provide you with the opportunity to uncover the capital you have within reach. There are so many low-hanging fruits, the only question is: do you dare to notice and pick it?

Centered around people, I practice, coach and develop within green craftsmanship.

In my career, I have been able to guide many talented people. Strikingly, typically in the situations they had to solve, they tended to forget that we ourselves as human beings are the greatest tool to achieve success. Therefore, a focus on yourself and reflecting on the human factor, is significant in the development process of both you and your organization.

In my role, I like to challenge people. I regularly ask difficult, confrontational and bold questions. I have learned that those who take a close look in the mirror are able to learn the most about themselves and the world around them. This creates good grounds for further development and growth within yourself, the process and the organization.


My development

As a green entrepreneur, consultant and coach, I have become increasingly aware of the power of human connection. Whether it concerns the personal learning curve, advising and connecting companies or organizing strategic sessions, I am actively facilitating human connection. This is where successful entrepreneurship starts and where 2Harvest has proven to be a fruitful foundation.

My main motivation is the realization that I am here on earth to contribute. For many years, my credo has been: ‘It is better to do a few things thoroughly than many things superficially.’ That means I have to focus.

In this phase of my career, I focus on revealing possibilities and opening up opportunities. I want to help people discover and learn by using my ability to recognize and combine everyone’s talents. This inspires people and gets them moving, creating possibilities to cooperate and connect. Together, we can do so much more, and often we see that individuals working together can do much more than they initially think.

“Wonder is the greatest joy”

The wonder that is sparked by your learning- and growth process, keeps you young and brings you closer to your inner voice.


Listen carefully, both to yourself and others

Over the years, I’ve increasingly learned to listen to my inner voice, to trust my gut feeling. It is precisely because of this that I started asking better questions and making more conscious choices for myself, strongly connected to Mother Earth. This is something I wish for everyone. Achieving maximum value by working from an inner connection with yourself, strongly rooted, being able to enter into and undertake human connections.

Moving together towards a cleaner and more beautiful world, founded on good mentorship and happy people who effectively get the most out of themselves.

Curious? You are welcome to come by for a cup of coffee.